HydraRat Character Creator has been a personal project for me. As both a dungeon master and a player, I have tried out many different character creators and character sheet managers, but none of them quite fit what I was looking for: An affordable and customizable character creator that supports homebrew in an easily manageable way. So I began work on this character creator. I have been developing this 100% on my own using Java, JavaFX, and CSS (primarily) to bring a completely free character creator into the community.

I have a lot planned for this character creator in the future, so if you are interested in my plans check out the Roadmap page. I will continue to develop this, likely on my own and as a college student, so updates may take some time, but they will be steadily worked on.

Current Version: Stonecastle.01.beta1


The standalone downloadable version for HydraRat Character Creator will be free forever. As a college student, I understand that costs add up. That's why I have decided to keep this software free.

RPGs, specifically Dungeons & Dragons 5e, have become a huge part in not just my life, but many college student's lives over the past few years. Where some other services have paywalls that dissuade students from keeping up a monthly subscription to access premium features (unlimited characters, multi classing, homebrew content, etc.), I am happy to offer these features completely free in this self-hosted and offline software!

While at some point in the future a web-based version might require a subscription to keep the servers running, the standalone and self hosted version will always be free for players and DMs to enjoy!


That's right! HydraRat offers unlimited characters (so long as you have the space on your storage device). Equipped with a character creator wizard, creating a character should be simple and quick, for newcomers and veterans alike. Want to quickly share your character sheet in a more conventional PDF format? Just hit the Export as PDF button and share the file. Simple as that!


HydraRat is portable! Install onto a USB drive* and plug into any device** with Java installed. See the download page for instructions!

*(minimum recommended size 32gb, recommended 64gb or more)

**(At the moment, HydraRat only runs on Windows devices. More support will be added later on)